B2B is different. So, we do things differently at Upp

Business-to-business is a market that excites and fascinates us. The brands, the projects and the people are unlike any other. This is why we’ve dedicated the last 20 years to creating an agency that truly understands B2B audiences, B2B challenges and the opportunities that this special sector has to offer.

An agency that’s made for B2B

We’re a dedicated B2B marketing agency that’s spent over 20 years building our expertise, refining our processes and acquiring the ideal set of skills to make us the perfect partner for B2B businesses. Everything we do is geared towards solving problems and driving transformational change and growth for businesses that sell products and services to other businesses.


Our offices are based in Manchester’s MediaCity. Appropriately, this is a place where art, entertainment and business work together in harmony — something we strive for in our work too.



Winning hearts and minds

Our approach is built on the truth that B2B brands aren’t just speaking to businesses, they’re talking to the people who work in and represent them. The people who buy your products and services. We recognise that the world of business might be built on cold hard logic but the people making the decisions are just as likely to go with their gut. Because B2B is human. It’s emotional as well as rational. It’s about nurturing relationships and building brand trust to secure that all important sale.


At Upp B2B we work out how to pair the commercial decision-making process with the emotional response needed to make your brand distinctive. To create marketing strategies that generate interest, inspire trust and build loyalty. It’s not an easy challenge, but it’s one we thrive on solving for our clients.