B2B Marketing Campaign Support

Drive marketing results and business growth with the support of our award-winning B2B campaign experts

If you’re looking for help to build a cut-through B2B marketing campaign, our team of B2B campaign experts are the people you should be talking to. Focused on short term impact and long-term results, a great campaign strategy and tactical execution plan will get your brand noticed and your audiences engaged.


Whether you’re looking to build market position and brand awareness, gently nurture warm prospects through your buying process, or generate new demand for your products and services, we’ll map out a smart and detailed plan with you that delivers commercial impact.


In terms of reaching your audiences, we aim to get in their hearts as well as their heads. We mix logic with emotion to create campaigns that inspire B2B audiences to take action. This means combining nuggets of customer, market and employee insight to create compelling campaign propositions that will achieve even the most ambitious of goals, So, whether you’re looking for a fast response from those ‘in market to buy’, or lasting brand impact with those researching, our campaign experts will work out how to make it happen.

B2B market insight building

Understanding the who, what, when and why before the how

A great campaign is built on solid foundations of meaningful market insights, deep dive offer analysis and authentic customer truths, This ‘golden triangle’ of intelligence is the most important stage of any campaign, yet one which is often skimmed over. Get this wrong and your campaign may nose dive before it takes flight, but get it right, and you’ll fly high and get noticed.

B2B campaign channel & media planning

Reaching your target audiences in the most cost-efficient way.


Understanding your current brand touchpoints enables us to consider the most effective ways of reaching your campaign audiences. We also consider new channels or audience ‘hang-outs’ to ensure that we’re optimising potential engagement and impact. Forecasting campaign response and setting cost-per lead (CPL) drives this process and setting channel and media budgets is key to our channel recommendations.

B2B campaign messaging

Saying the right thing at the right time


We develop B2B campaign messaging frameworks that balance what organisations want to say with what B2B audiences want to hear. From developing a compelling overarching proposition to headline themes and highly specific messages, we build messaging frameworks that give B2B campaigns clarity, purpose, and depth.

Big B2B ideas to get campaign cut through

A big B2B campaign idea that grabs attention and drives engagement


The power of a big idea should never be underestimated, especially in today’s market where mediocre campaign ideas can easily get lost in the noise. One of our greatest strengths is creative concept development and our award-winning creative team thrive on turning everyday B2B products and services into extraordinary campaign propositions.

B2B campaign asset development

Bringing all pieces of the campaign jigsaw together


So once all the marvellous thinking and planning is nailed, it’s time to get motoring to get your campaign live. Well planned, well produced and well executed B2B campaigns are what we deliver day in day out at Upp B2B. We’ll take an approved creative direction and use our specialist skills with words, visuals, content and videos to create channel-appropriate assets with the power to engage B2B audiences.

B2B campaign set-up & management

Keeping your B2B campaign on track to deliver


Your B2B campaign launch is only the beginning. Our specialist team will ensure that you have ongoing access to analytics and metrics that show the performance of your campaign. This allows us to work together with you to refine messaging, reallocate budget and continue to boost performance across the life of your B2B campaign.