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B2B is who we are. B2B marketing is what we do day in day out, with enormous passion and a depth of marketing knowledge and creativity. We work with our clients to create brand, marketing and lead generation campaign strategies that keep their brands ahead. And we’ve been doing this for over 20 years’ helping businesses just like yours to thrive in their market.

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Over 20 years upping the B2B marketing agency ante

B2B buyers don’t tend to make decisions lightly or quickly, so it’s critical that your brand is front of mind with a reputation that inspires trust. This is where our expert team can help you.


Upp B2B has spent 20 years getting to grips with B2B audiences. We’ve seen what works to generate results and to build market share and trust. So, we approach every challenge backed by experience – using an audience-first approach that combines insight, data and creativity to connect with customers to nudge them along your customer journey.

Trusted, successful and award-winning

In this business, there’s no substitute for a proven track record. Over the last two decades, we’ve consistently produced award-winning B2B brand, marketing and digital work that’s been recognised as industry leading by our clients and peers.


We love what we do and we’re super proud of our achievements – it’s what gives you that warm fuzzy feeling right? And it makes us want to continue to push B2B boundaries with and for our clients.

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Whether you’re an ambitious start-up, a growth-focused established business or a world-famous B2B brand, we’ll bring all our energy and expertise to meet your challenge head on. We’ll quickly get to grips with your business ambitions and how we can help you to achieve these by building your connection with customers.

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We specialise in the B2B marketing services you need and the audiences you’re talking to. From long-term planning, to short-term impact, our team have what it takes to deliver tangible, business-changing results:

Understanding who your audience is, how they think, and most importantly why they buy are the foundation of any successful B2B strategy. We dig deep to find the answers that effective marketing and brand strategies are built on.


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Your brand needs to be authentic, relevant and distinctive to have any chance of truly connecting with B2B audiences. We develop brand propositions and messaging strategies that give brands meaning and market cut-through.


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For over 20 years, we’ve been combining creativity and craft to create campaigns, videos, presentations, and sales & marketing collateral that helps B2B brands stand out and connect.


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Audiences around the world are consuming more video content than ever before. And B2B audiences are no different. See how we can create content that gets views and sales rising. 


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You might not be on the high street, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a great shop window. We plan, design and build websites that stop B2B audiences in their tracks and invite them in.


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As B2B audiences take a little longer to convert, we work with clients to create high-quality content that nurtures them throughout their buying journey from awareness to consideration to action.


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We inspire action by connecting with B2B audiences on an emotional level — creating insight-driven campaigns with the power to generate leads, raise awareness and engage internal audiences.


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Who we work with

We use our B2B expertise to partner with businesses ranging from SMEs and start-ups to world famous brands who trust us to deliver their brand, marketing and digital strategy and roll-out programmes.

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We love sharing our thinking and opinions with other like-minded B2B souls. We run a podcast with new episodes coming in November 2023 and we share blogs and vlogs and other thought-leadership content. Check out our page of B2B Marketing Insights for more updates and to sign up to our newsletter B2B Bitesize.