Research & Insight

Research expertise that’s made for your market

Who are your audience? How do they think? What makes them buy? The answers to these questions are the heart of any effective B2B strategy. But getting this information isn’t easy, which is why we offer a number of tried-and-tested frameworks that give you the power to analyse the market, identify trends and shape effective marketing and brand strategies.

Customer and market insight

Research doesn’t have to be a lengthy or expensive process, we use our experience to ask the right people the right questions. Our ‘Voice of customer’ and ‘Voice of market’ research frameworks are designed to get to grips with the issues you’re facing and collect meaningful data that will give your communications a solid foundation for years to come.

Product-launch market research

Without the right research, launching a new B2B product can feel like a leap into the unknown. We can help you understand who you’re selling to, what you’re up against and what your customers are looking for. Armed with this information, we can develop value propositions and marketing strategies that you can believe in.



Customer experience and journey mapping

The path to purchase can be a challenging one for B2B audiences. We map out simple, engaging journeys that carefully consider the impact of every interaction a customer has with your business. Whether it’s navigating your website or talking to your team, delivering a consistently positive experience is an effective way to boost conversion and encourage repeat custom.

Data review and analysis

B2B organisations have more data than they know what to do with these days. Using this data to your advantage takes experience and understanding. We can review all your data platforms and first-party data to see what’s missing and make informed recommendations.