Brand proof points – where to start in building yours

Infographic – 42 brand proof points to check out

I just stumbled upon this great infographic which I wanted to share, as I think it’s a really useful reference for identifying proof points. It shows over 40 different types of proof that you can use to back up the propositions or claims you are making in your marketing messaging, so provides plenty of inspiration for all types of business

Remember to choose the elements that will most appeal to your specific target audience (e.g. qualified facts and figures for finance folk) and to include a combination of emotional and rational evidence. The best proof points combine both (e.g. a customer testimonial telling their own story, explaining how your product or service has helped them personally, backed up by the hard facts about ROI), so get creative about how you communicate your stats and facts!


You’ll notice that third parties play a critical role in the creation of proof points. This reveals a common “human” characteristic — that we will accept a supposedly independent recommendation from another source as validation of a claim.


Admittedly, it can be a real b*ll ache getting your customers and other third parties fired up to get involved in your proof point marketing activity, but it really will be worth the effort if you succeed.


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