How B2B brands are pressing play on new video marketing techniques

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With B2B brands facing increased competition and B2B audiences demanding more dynamic and engaging content, video has become an absolute essential – not desirable – tactic for brands in the sector.

B2B Video shoot in progress

In this blog, we explore some of the trends and technologies making it easier than ever for B2B businesses to create compelling video content that stands out on newsfeeds and that drives customer engagement.


Long form, short form and micro videos have been playing a key part in B2B communications and SEO strategy for some time now, whilst video lives and reels are prolific across social channels. But this year, there’s been a noticeable rise in personalised video content.


Dynamic video assembly and marketing automation platforms like Idomoo enable B2B brands to target specific industries, companies, or even individual decision-makers with copy and imagery that changes to reflect individual contexts to give each viewer or group of viewers depending on your segmentation model a unique experience.

This approach doesn’t have to be tech-driven however, if you really know your audience you can create a series of videos that target pain points and suggest solutions that will resonate with them. Creating a series of videos with multiple messaging variations can enable you to build stronger connections, drive engagement and improve conversion rates. This is a tactic we employed successfully in our award-winning #ULTIMATESIDEKICK campaign for DHL.


Artificial Intelligence (AI) has the power to take personalisation one step further. AI enables B2B brands to create personalised videos at scale, using tools that analyse audience data to create video content that’s adapted based on the viewer’s characteristics and behaviour. We’ll talk more about AI videos in the future, but tools like Midjourney are completely revolutionising the way videos are produced right now and will continue to do so.

B2B video live broadcast
B2B marketing goes live!

Live video streaming has gained immense popularity in recent years, and it continues to be a dominant trend in B2B marketing. Leading brands are widely using live video streams to host webinars, product demonstrations, virtual events and thought-leadership sessions.


These real-time interactions create a real a sense of authenticity and encourage audience engagement through comments, questions and polls, all of which serve to drive direct communication, build trust and make brands appear more dynamic and personable.


We have used ‘Lives’ to connect audiences on a global scale for customer forums, product insight sessions and internal launches. A really flexible and cost-effective way to present the public face of your B2B brand.

Interactive's where it's at in B2B

Interactive videos are revolutionising B2B marketing by transforming passive viewers into active participants. Businesses can engage with audiences on a deeper level using interactive elements such as clickable hotspots, quizzes, surveys and call-to-actions.


These videos not only capture attention, but they also provide valuable data and insights into viewers’ preferences and behaviour. This enables brands to tailor future content based on viewer interactions to boost engagement and conversion rates. We’ve used interactive formats successfully to support product demo roll-outs, customer onboarding programmes and to produce sales playbooks.

Short videos for short attention spans

B2B audiences don’t have time to waste. So, whilst longer videos might give you the illusion of being able to deliver more messaging to your audience, the truth is that the majority of your audience will have switched off after the first 10-20 seconds.


This means that quick and easily to digest ‘micro’ videos are much more popular with audiences — something that’s been proven by the huge rise in B2B brands using platforms like TikTok, Instagram Reels and LinkedIn Stories. These concise, impactful videos are ideal ways to share product highlights, industry insights and behind-the-scenes content in a matter of seconds. Particularly useful for ‘rough’ edit authentic video snippets which can quickly convey key sales and marketing messages to audiences across social channels. We have used this format for quick Q&A videos, Meet the Expert videos and product feature shorts.


YouTube Video Shorts

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Telling stories with emotion

It’s a long-held misconception that B2B audiences are overwhelmingly rational and data-driven. We believe that emotion is a much more powerful tool for converting B2B audiences. The most successful B2B video campaigns now focus on connecting with viewers on an emotional level, whether this is making them smile, laugh, feel empathy or feel inspired.


This can be achieved through the use of compelling narratives, testimonials and impactful visuals that create a lasting impression. Make sure that your videos are designed to provoke an emotional reaction, as this will give your business a point of difference, build trust and ultimately influence purchasing decisions.

If you’re not making videos, you’re missing out

The use of video content in B2B marketing is crucial for B2B organisations looking to maximise their budgets, expand their reach and grow their business. Staying on top of new opportunities can help you stay ahead of your competitors and unlock more ways to connect with your target audience in more engaging and impactful ways.


Producing good video content doesn’t need to be a budget breaker. You can get yourself set up with a good basic studio kit – including a tripod, mike and lighting for around £300. This can get you started with your social video experimentation. You can also make use of online video screen recorders using available tools like Teams, Zoom and Vimeo as well as an emerging number of AI tools such as Kapwing and Motioncue.


Obviously ensuring decent production is only one part of the video development process. Coming up with new and regular creative content outputs may be more of a challenge, so if you need any inspiration, or you’d just like some expert advice on how your B2B brand can make better use of video, please get in touch with our team by emailing