Thready or not: Why B2B brands need to get on Instagram Threads now


Strike while The ‘Gram is hot

The launch of a new social platform normally sends the marketing world into a bit of a spin. There’s curiosity, uncertainty and whole wave of new challenges and opportunities for brands and marketers to explore.  


Sometimes, it feels like B2B brands watch all this excitement from the side lines, while B2C brands and influencers quickly embrace the new channel. For example, B2B brands are still far behind their B2C counterparts with their adoption of TikTok into the marketing mix. But this has to stop, Instagram Threads is a real opportunity (and a low-risk one too). 



Try something new with Threads

Elon has been playing fire over the past few months, Twitter Blue and the recent Rate-limit-exceeded disaster has left the Twitter user-base feeling disgruntled with the platform. This has opened the door to Meta, who are looking to take full advantage and attract millions of users with their new standalone text-based app.  


Right now, it’s a hot topic, it’s front-page news and it’s your chance to be an early adopter in a social channel with less risk, and less need for technical knowhow. For example, recent social platforms that have launched, like TikTok, require a new form of content that B2B brands might not have created before and Clubhouse required an invite before it was quickly swallowed up by Twitter Spaces. 


Instagram Threads doesn’t really have any of these risks. Meta is huge, so it isn’t going to get bought-out and the content can be essentially what a B2B brand would post on Twitter… so there’s nothing lose, and everything to gain.  


Getting in early before the market becomes saturated gives you a chance to build followers quickly, share messages in a less crowded space and position your B2B brand as a forward thinker with its finger on the cultural pulse. 


A new platform is an opportunity to try new things. As Meta develop the platform, they’ll introduce new marketing tools and evolve the format. By building an active presence for your B2B brand on Threads now, you can be among the first to experiment with different content formats, engagement tactics, and messaging styles, then refine your approach to suit your audience before your competitors have even got a profile set up. 


Beat the crowds

In the early days on a new platform, competition is often limited. By acting quickly, B2B brands can gain a competitive edge by occupying a space that is relatively less crowded. This allows you to achieve greater visibility and reach, because the brand’s content and messaging have a higher chance of standing out. By leveraging this advantage, B2B brands can establish themselves as leaders in their industry, attracting more attention, engagement, and potential business opportunities.


New platform, new customers


As Threads is a completely new platform, it brings you a completely new readership to connect with. Instagram Threads provides a fresh environment for to build new relationships with clients, partners, and stakeholders.  

As part of the first group of B2B brands on Threads, you should be able to initiate conversations and build connections with key individuals and organizations more easily. By proactively engaging with your target audience through private threads, you can demonstrate their willingness to listen, address concerns, and provide value. This approach to relationship building fosters trust, strengthens brand loyalty, and positions the brand as a reliable partner. 


Get a front-row seat to adapting user behaviours 

Understanding and adapting to user behaviour is vital for any successful marketing strategy. Acting quickly after the launch of Instagram Threads gives B2B brands the chance to observe how users interact with the platform, the type of content they engage with, and the preferred communication styles.  

Armed with this knowledge, B2B brands can then tailor their messaging, content creation, and engagement tactics to align with user preferences. By tuning in to these user behaviours early on, brands can build a deeper understanding of these customers and learn how to reach them more effectively. 


Get your B2B brand on Instagram Threads now 

What are you still reading this for? There’s no time to waste. Get your phone out and download the Threads for Instagram App (like when Instagram launched, there’s no desktop version available yet).  

The quicker you set your profile up and start sharing content, the sooner you can start capitalising on this exciting new platform. And of course, if you’d like any help filling your new feed with content, we’d love to help: 


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