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Boasting the world’s largest collection of supply chain experts, and a global pool of 300 million pallets, CHEP is an impressive business. But despite having a large base of happy clients, they were struggling to reach new customers and promote extra services to existing ones.


We were tasked with developing a campaign that would help CHEP raise awareness about the ‘CHEP difference’ and really champion what makes them special. We knew that if we could get these messages out to the right people, we could entice customers to work more with CHEP.

Reconnecting with the people behind supply chains

On paper CHEP is the smart choice for customers. In terms of quality, reliability, performance and sustainability, they’re well ahead of their competitors. Our task was helping CHEP, and their representatives, get in front of customers, so they could tell them this. And discuss all the great ways they could work together.


To achieve this, we needed a campaign that delivered in two key areas. Firstly, we had to raise awareness about CHEP’s key selling points and then we needed to use this to encourage face-to-face meetings with customers.

A campaign with customers at the heart

Successful supply chains are all about teamwork. CHEP wouldn’t be where they are without their customers, and their customers wouldn’t be as successful without CHEP. So, we created a campaign that gave them credit for the part they play in building successful supply chains.


It’s a friendly, welcoming and human approach that breaks down the barrier between customer and supplier. This campaign puts everyone on the same side, working together to solve problems and achieve great things. Establishing this mindset builds a sense of connection with the audience – making it much easier for them to get in touch and meet face-to-face.


We launched the campaign with a direct mailer followed by targeted emails focusing on three key areas. The campaign was then rolled out even further across online and offline assets, including brochures and a social media competition.


We love the campaign and so do the customers


This campaign helped CHEP generate lots of leads and secure some big business. Here are a few of the highlights:

  • 81 qualified inbound leads
  • One lead generated a six-figure sales order value
  • 68% of account managers have had customers proactively contact them
  • 80% these proactive contacts have resulted in sales opportunities