Aptitude A beautiful brand for a complex business

Digital finance and revenue management giant, Aptitude Software, needed a new brand strategy that reflected the positive growth of the business following its recent acquisition of leading subscription and billing software company, MPP Global.


After conducting some in-depth research with stakeholders and colleagues across the business, we built an authentic new brand platform based on the attitudes, ideas and personalities of the people that make the business unique.


We identified the market, the message, the values and the essence of the business before articulating it with a clear and empowering single-minded proposition. Then, we brought it all to life with powerful messaging, an engaging tone of voice and a distinctive beautiful visual identity to cut through the market.

Unite the business, be distinct in the market

Following any acquisition, it’s important to make sure that colleagues from both businesses feel like they belong and that they’re part of an organisation they can believe in.


To gain a greater understanding of the team, we asked them what they love about their job, what excites them about their work and why customers should choose Aptitude. Armed with this information, we knew we’d be able to articulate a clear proposition that would resonate with both internal and external audiences.


Our first goal was to really get to know the business and build the foundations of a bold new brand strategy that we could introduce to the world with a new logo, website, visual identity, tone of voice and comprehensive brand guidelines.

Clean, contemporary and always connected

The research uncovered a genuine passion for complex problem-solving amongst the Aptitude team. There was a real love of complexity and a genuine belief that their ability to embrace complicated data and processes makes Aptitude the best at what they do.


The Aptitude team have a unique perspective. Where others see chaos, they see potential and what may be mundane to others is magnificent to them, because where others see complexity, they see possibility.


So, we asked ourselves what’s both beautiful, and complex? The natural world. Its captivating complexity is right there in front of us, but not everyone sees it. Just like the potential that only Aptitude can see in complex data.


By combining natural phenomena with digital transformation, we’ve created a visual identity that’s as beautiful as it is complex.

We needed a brand that really represented our success, growth and the trajectory of our organisation. We’ve built an incredible team and we do some amazing work, so we knew that this was never going to be easy. But it was a challenge that we were looking forward to facing with our chosen agency partner, Upp B2B.


We worked together closely at every step of the process; collaborating and combining our expertise to produce a brand that we’re all really proud of. From research and strategy to creative, design and the finished product, Upp B2B has made every step of the process an absolute joy.

Sian Ciabattoni
Head of Global Marketing
Aptitude Software