Kainos Brand structure, proposition, creative and messaging

From their UK headquarters, Kainos Group plc provides Digital Services and Digital Platforms for businesses in the UK, Europe and the USA. Their services extend from the initial development of customised digital solutions right through to ongoing support for public and private sector organisations.


With 1,000 staff split between eight offices on either side of the Atlantic, Kainos were clearly a big name in their sector, but not enough people knew what they stood for, or the variety of services they had to offer. So, we set out to identify their purpose, unite their team and help them connect with a wider audience.

Simplifying the message and uniting behind a purpose

It’s often a challenge for businesses operating in the digital space to articulate their services to wider audiences. When it comes to dealing with individual customers directly, it’s easy tell them exactly what they need to hear. Replicating this in marketing however, can be very difficult.


So, this was our task. We needed to get to the heart of the business and discover what makes Kainos who they are, why they’re special and crucially, why customers and colleagues should care about the work they do.


Bold statements and dynamic graphics

To help our audience understand the services that are on offer, we focused on the problems they solve and the results they deliver. This allowed us to create more memorable communication that centres around powerful messages and striking design.


In addition to our confident typographical approach, we developed a unique graphical element that runs through all of Kainos’ communications. We called this the ‘flux’ and it provides a visual representation of the energy and dynamism of the people who make projects happen. The ebbs and flows reflect the agility to react to constantly changing projects and situations.