CHEP PPC European Digital Marketing PPC Campaign

Following a competitive pitch, Upp was appointed digital marketing partner by world-leading supply chain solutions provider, CHEP.


Working with CHEP in this capacity means we were responsible for lead generation, across all 27 of their European territories, as well as being actively involved with wider strategy, global website UX and landing page development.

New leads for a new website

CHEP had only just launched a new global website that was unlike any that they’d had before. This website gave each of their global territories a dedicated digital platform, which helped move the business forward by unlocking a whole world of new digital opportunities.


But there’s no point having a shiny new website, if there aren’t enough people visiting. The goal of this, and subsequent PPC campaigns, was to raise top of funnel awareness of the new website and its quote checker functionality. In addition to this, we’re also constantly challenging ourselves to help more businesses understand CHEP’s product and services.

Delivering strategically sound PPC campaigns

After spending years delivering efficient PPC campaigns for a variety of clients, we’ve learnt a lot about what works and what doesn’t. We worked together with CHEP teams to identify clear goals, budgets and expectations.


We put together a detailed media plan, based upon realistic goals. This allowed us to accurately assess ongoing performance and use a real-time flow of data to adapt the campaign and ensure that we were always delivering maximum return on investment.


Raising awareness and boosting conversion


PPC campaigns are all about delivering great value and impressive results, something we achieve regularly with CHEP.

  • Calls/conversions increased by 30% vs previous year
  • Cost per click reduced by 40% vs previous year
  • Cost per conversion in Spain reduced by over 50%
  • Cost per conversion in France reduced by over 60%