DHL Ultimate Sidekick Ultimate Sidekick Global Campaign

Since the start of 2020, organisations have been facing a seemingly endless wave of challenges. From Brexit to the pandemic, and more recently global inflationary pressures, organisations of all sizes have had to react, adapt or even completely transform themselves in order to succeed in an increasingly unpredictable and unforgiving world.


To be successful in times like these, businesses need experts by their side. And DHL has a lot of those. With an incredible range of specialists ranging from Transportation, LLP, Sustainability and Real Estate to Logistics, Packaging, HR and Digitalisation, we set out to show businesses around the world why DHL Supply Chain is their #ULTIMATESIDEKICK.

What were our ultimate goals?

Our first task was to create a campaign that could unite DHL Supply Chain’s eight solution areas behind a single powerful proposition. This joined-up approach enabled us to achieve much more impact with our audience than would be achievable through separate smaller campaigns.


As with any campaign we create for DHL, success would ultimately be defined by how effectively we raised awareness, highlighted services and generated sales/renewals. But this campaign was also an opportunity to reposition DHL Supply Chain as a more complete partner and encourage existing customers to consider services they may have been previously unaware of.

A big idea segmented for multiple audiences

The idea was simple, that DHL Supply Chain has the size, the scale and the expertise to help you take on any challenge. The customer is always the hero, but DHL is their #ULTIMATESIDEKICK.


Taking influence from incredibly popular cinematic comic book universes, we created videos and photography that framed DHL colleagues as superpowered protagonists. We showed off their unique skills as extraordinary abilities that would benefit any business. Combine this with a confident tone of voice and powerful messaging. Aimed at decision-makers in a variety of sectors, and you get an eye-catching campaign that got DHL trending on LinkedIn within a few hours of launch.