DHL UK Foundation Work that really makes a difference

The DHL UK Foundation exists to help charities and schools ensure that disadvantaged young people develop essential life skills, have access to the best possible education, and have the opportunity to secure meaningful and sustainable employment.


We’ve been proud to work with the organisation for over seven years now, helping them to develop their visual identity, create potentially life-saving lesson plans and tell the world about the incredible work they do.


A great example of the positive work we’ve done with DHL UK Foundation is how we transformed their old, outdated website into an engaging, credible and easy-to-use platform that they use to share their story.

A new brand, website and promotional materials

DHL Foundation is a charity organisation that sits separately to DHL – it’s a completely independent operation. This presents an interesting and challenging opportunity. Their look and feel needs to be distinctly theirs, and position them as a children and youth-focused charity, but it also needs to be corporate enough to carry the DHL name.


Therefore, our first task was developing a refreshed brand that found the right balance. Then, we needed to create a website that did everything that partners, schools and internal teams needed it to do — from clear navigation and easy-to-access resources to a flexible CMS that made editing and updating quick and easy for the in-house team.


The final part of our task was to create a new digital tool for schools to use in Trucks and Child Safety (TACS) sessions, which due to the COVID-19 situation, needed to be delivered virtually.

Playful illustrations with hard-working UX design

Our solution begins, as it so often does, with detailed research into our stakeholders and our audience. Holding focus groups and a UX workshop helped us understand what content and experiences would appeal to them.


We took an audience-first approach to redesigning and rewriting the website, mapping out user journeys to make sure we told the story in an engaging and enjoyable way.


But we knew it would take more than intelligent design and welcoming copy to really capture the friendly, positive personality of the DHL UK Foundation team. So, we injected a little fun into the brand with light-hearted illustrations that serve to remove the corporate edge and replace it with a smile.


We’ve successfully rolled out the refreshed brand well beyond the website with print and video, as well as taking it into classrooms with TACS virtual lesson toolkits.

We’re very proud of the work we do every day at DHL UK Foundation. This is why it’s so important to us that our brand and website can communicate our goals, our vision and our purpose in just the right way. So, we needed a partner who cared about getting to know us and was committed to creating work that really does our organisation justice.


This is exactly what we got from Upp B2B. They worked closely with us at every step of the journey, using their strategic expertise, technical knowledge and boundless creativity to design and build a website that partners, schools and colleagues love.

Harry Wade
Senior Programme Manager
DHL UK Foundation