Survitec A 'proudly obsessive' brand refresh

Since the 1850s Survitec Group has been designing and manufacturing critical safety equipment (or survival tech) for the marine, defence, fishing, aviation and offshore sectors. Their scale, innovation and quality made them a market leader and their products save lives all year round.


They needed a brand that did their business, their people and their equipment justice. We developed a creative strategy and a brand identity that leveraged the importance of their work to unite the team behind a strong emotional proposition. This approach changed the mindset of customers by helping them understand the hard work, dedication and attention to detail behind every product.


Rediscovering an inspiring purpose to share with the world

Having grown significantly through acquisitions, Survitec’s colleagues were still influenced by a variety of previous business values. There was a real need to bring everyone together by creating a vision, a mission and Survitec set of values that everyone could own and believe in.


But this project was far more than an internal repositioning. We also needed to evaluate the wider market to discover what gives Survitec the edge over their competitors and use this to develop a communications strategy that would resonate with customers and investors around the world.


Ultimately, the goal of this project was to give Survitec a strong creative platform to establish themselves as the benchmark for critical safety equipment and servicing.

Showing the team and the world why their work matters

After speaking to employees and customers spanning multiple countries and sectors, we discovered that Survitec Group is the only safety equipment manufacturer who create products from design through to end-of-life. They do this because it gives them complete control over every aspect of a product’s creation, usability, reliability and disposal. This matters because Survitec don’t believe that safety and survival can be left to chance.


We brought our ‘proudly obsessive’ proposition to life by showing the dramatic situations the products are used in and the confidence they inspire in those who rely on them. This involved the development of a more modern logo, a bold type style and an impressive image bank for use across everything from signage and livery to brochures, emails and video content.

“Upp understood exactly what we were facing and suggested we wind back and start with the ‘what, how and why’ model. I thought it would be difficult to get an already busy senior leadership team on board – but once we had completed our first workshop we could already see how powerful this could be and how important it was that our brand reflected our company’s personality.”

Group Marketing Director


Uniting the team, boosting sales and becoming the market leader


By engaging with both internal and external audiences, our work has delivered some impressive results:

  • Their quarterly employee survey evidenced a deeper understanding of why their work matters and how it saves lives
  • The brand made it easier to drive sales based on trust and confidence, which led to a 9% increase in revenue and profit
  • Following launch, they secured and increased investment for the next 3 years
  • Sales and profits have increased, with website visitors and inbound leads tripling
  • Social media followers have doubled and engagement has tripled
  • Survitec is now the market leader for market share and safety standards