Qualsys Branding, visual identity and asset development

Qualsys makes software. But they do much more that. At the heart of the business is a commitment to help businesses realise their potential through quality management and governance. They’re a partner that ensures continued success by giving businesses the ability to tailor software, implementation and day-to-day practices to deliver real impact.


The challenge they were facing, was that their product brand EQMS was becoming more recognisable than their actual brand. First, they needed our help to decide whether they should drop the Qualsys name in favour of a product-led identity. And then turn the chosen brand into something that would connect effectively with B2B audiences.

Choosing a name and building a brand

The first task was examining how audiences perceived the Qualsys and EQMS brands. By combining research, strategy and stakeholder discussions, we needed to make a reasoned case for each brand and provide our recommendation for the best route forward.


Once we’d reached agreement on the brand name (and resulting hierarchy), the next goal was uncovering an authentic brand purpose that would underpin a new visual identity to inform the creation of a new website and supporting collateral.

Giving Qualsys an evidence-based purpose-driven identity

When we spoke to internal and external audiences, we quickly learnt that the two names did, in fact, fulfil a real purpose for customers. They made it much easier for customers to differentiate between the product itself and the support service they receive.


This matters to customers because they depend on Qualsys to understand their changing needs and support them long after the implementation. But they didn’t associate this ongoing support with the EQMS brand.


We took this insight and combined it with their brand purpose ‘to make business happy’ to create a friendly, approachable identity and a new website that offers users simple navigation and easy access to the solutions that managing directors and quality managers are looking for.


More leads, conversions and submissions


Qualsys now has a clear direction for the future and a brand that everyone in the business can get behind. As you can see, the website quickly yielded results in the first few months after going live:

  • 65% increase in conversion rate vs previous year
  • 76% more form submissions vs previous year
  • 93% more contact vs previous year