If you’re in B2B healthcare, we’re made for your market

So many marketing agencies profess to be experts in their own field, but how much do they really know your patient care, regulations and medical supply chains? As a specialist B2B agency, we’ve got over 20 years of experience getting to know businesses like yours, so we know what works, what doesn’t and how to reach your very unique audience.

Alex Bandaranaike Client Services Director
Talk to Alex and see why we’re made for your market

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We’re proud to be B2B

Unlike many of our competitors, UPP only work with B2B clients – we don’t work with anyone else. We’ve spent 20 years working with some of the world’s most recognized brands, building an agency on a solid foundation of research, strategy, and market insight.


Yes, we’re specialists in branding, creative and social too, but it’s our understanding of B2B audiences which sets us apart. Working with clients from diverse industries including but not limited to logistics, healthcare, and SaaS, we’ve grown to understand sector-specific challenges and the complexities associated with B2B products and services.


Everything we do is with a B2B audience in mind and backed by two decades of experience. So whether it’s a campaign, a long term strategy or something in between,

We’ve spent 20 years getting to know B2B audiences

We know that B2B audiences are different to their B2C counterparts. And that’s why we do things differently at UPP.


We understand the factors that affect decision making and purchase cycles, in addition to the way B2B businesses operate, so we can offer a tailored response to your needs. But above all, we know that B2B is more than just facts and figures. We have big ideas that resonate with our audience.


We know how to move our audience with content that makes people feel things. That’s why our work wins hearts as well as awards. It’s why we’re UPP B2B and it’s why we’re made for your market.

Our B2B expertise gives us a deeper understanding of the challenges our clients face and what it takes to truly engage with B2B audiences. As a result we can offer more bespoke, more creative and more consistently effective marketing than less specialist agencies.


Michael Clark
Managing Director