Vitafoods Europe 2023
Informa – Vitafoods Europe Supporting Europe's most loved nutraceutical industry event

Vitafoods Europe is an annual event that’s genuinely loved by the nutraceutical community. This is the event that stands out in ​visitors’ calendars as the one they really look forward to each year. A great place to hear about the industry’s future, emerging trends and to share expert opinions and thought-leadership. ​

​Following some incredible feedback from visitors to the previous year’s event, Vitafoods was keen to leverage the popularity and connection that they had built up with their audience.​

To achieve this, we worked with the Vitafoods marketing team to develop a multi-touchpoint campaign to drive pre, during and post event communications and activity support.


The event branding concept we created combined powerful words and strong attendee testimonials with event photography to create striking visuals that captured attention. Bold statements were developed which left our audience in no doubt why Vitafoods Europe is known as the world’s leading nutraceutical industry event.


In large format the visual displays were eye-catching, whilst also adapting well across selected digital and social channels. A really simple and easily adapted concept which helped to optimise the budget for the event.

"Help make this year’s ​event our most ​successful event ever​"

Having helped Vitafoods to deliver successful events for years, our main objective is usually to top what’s gone before. This wasn’t easy, given how hugely successful the previous year’s show had been according to the post-event surveys and visitor feedback. ​

There was also a real desire from Vitafoods to deliver a campaign that built on the positive momentum and expressed the confidence of a brand that people love and one which consistently delivers fantastic experiences. ​

We also had several practical considerations to contend with. We needed to create a campaign that was flexible enough to deliver a wide range of messages across a wide range of formats of all shapes and sizes, ranging from digital advertising to video content and even on-site signage.​


In a world of noisy social and news feeds simplicity stands out. ​

We developed a campaign that grabbed our audience’s attention with a series of emotive, aspirational words, including ‘loved’, ‘inspiring’, ‘connected’, ‘vibrant’, ‘innovative’ and ‘amazing’.​ These words helped to paint a picture of what it would feel like to attend Vitafoods Europe 2023 before encouraging attendees to experience it for themselves.​

We were keen to combine this approach with real event photography, as the previous campaign’s analytics had shown that adverts which show imagery often performed better. But with limited high-quality photography available, we needed to think creatively to make the most out of what we had. ​

By combining our set of powerful words with show imagery using a word-mask, we were able to create a campaign that packed real visual punch and intrinsically linked these hugely positive ​messages with Vitafoods Europe. ​

“Well we absolutely achieved our key objective to make this year’s Vitafoods Europe event our best ever and the team at Upp B2B played a key role in helping us achieve this. Our timeframes as always were pretty full on to bring everything together – event branding, pre-event promotion and to create an engaging in-event audience experience. Upp was totally responsive to this pressure and remained flexible, responsive and delivered on every promise. A great agency partner to trust when you’re managing such a large event as they help you juggle all the plates seamlessly.”

Louise Mather
Marketing Manager Vitafoods at Informa Markets


An event to remember with audience growth and increased engagement


The Upp B2B team attended the event in Geneva for the three days to manage a live event photo and video shoot. This provided an excellent opportunity to gauge the impact of the event branding first hand.

  • Over 18,850 people attended the 2023 event a 25% year on year increase.
  • Post event follow-up has been extremely positive with attendees we spoke to commenting positively on the event branding.
  • Over 1000 exhibitors participated in the event promoting social assets across media channels.
  • Attendees from over 160 countries attended the event compared to 130 countries in 2022 showing 23% growth in global reach.