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Unite your B2B brand behind a compelling proposition

If you don’t have real clarity in the messages you’re trying to convey, your audience is always going to struggle to engage with your business. This makes building a unique and clear B2B brand proposition one of the most important, most challenging and ultimately, most worthwhile tasks for any B2B organisation.


A proposition is often confused with a strapline, but a B2B brand proposition is more than this. A B2B brand proposition is the articulation of the most important message that you need B2B audiences to remember. This proposition should inform every piece of communication that you create. A strapline on the other hand, is just one tool that we can use to help deliver your value proposition.


Your B2B brand proposition is the golden nugget that sums up the value and the benefits you offer your customers. It’s the succinct statement that captures the essence of what your B2B brand stands for, what you believe and a signal about how you do business. It’s the reason why your customers should choose you over your competitors. Without this, you’re essentially choosing a scattergun approach with a much smaller chance of hitting your messaging target.


Needless to say, building a B2B brand proposition that delivers on all levels is a craft and this is where the brand team here at Upp B2B come in. We’ve been building B2B brand propositions with successful global and UK brands for almost 20 years and we know what it takes to build powerful propositions that pack a real punch. We focus on what matters to you and your customers to bring this to life and always keep it authentic to build trust.

A well-crafted brand proposition will be a powerful tool for your sales and marketing. It helps guide sales conversations, focuses the development of marketing campaigns and helps customers understand in simple terms why your brand is relevant to them.

Distinctive brand messaging for all your customer touchpoints

Uniting all your product or service benefits and translating this into an impactful B2B brand messaging framework that’s ready to deploy across all your customer touchpoints isn’t easy. Brand guidelines might provide your business with a great reference for the visual representation of your brand, but it takes a considered brand messaging framework to ensure what you’re saying is consistently relevant, cohesive and interesting.


We have a wealth of experience helping organisations to develop their brand messaging frameworks. From crafting your brand story, and articulating your product and service benefits, to sharing your stance on things that matter (such as sustainability and D&I) and passionately summarising your “why?”, we know exactly what it takes to build B2B brand propositions that work in the B2B space.


We often kick-off our development process by talking to people across your business, as this is the perfect place to start uncovering the unique brand truths that should drive your messaging. It’s often a challenge to coax this information out of your team, but we never fail to turn this input into words that really shine a light on what makes your company special.

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