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For a B2B brand to really make an impact, it needs to be consistent in how it appears and positions itself to customers and in market. A B2B brand touchpoints audit is a really useful tool that helps you achieve greater impact and consistency, especially if you feel your brand is currently not completely aligned with your business objectives, sales strategy and company values.


A brand touchpoints audit is a structured review of all your brand’s interactions and points of contact with your customers, stakeholders, and the public. As well as considering all your brand assets, a brand touchpoints audit will also look at all the channels and mediums you use to communicate with your various internal and external brand audiences.


The goal of a brand touchpoints audit is to assess how effectively your brand is positioned in line with your overall brand strategy and how consistently your brand is delivering its value proposition and core messages.

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Using an agency like Upp B2B to review your B2B brand across all points of contact gives you a completely independent and unbiased view. We’re trained to spot nuances that you may miss from an internal perspective, like how your brand faces the outside world and interacts with your employer brand.


We can also take a wider view to capture information from external reviews and brand mentions in the public arena which can often prompt some SEO challenges. We’ve also conducted ‘mystery shop’ sales and customer service calls to see how your teams represent your brand on the front line across different sites and departments.

Get a holistic view of your brand experience with a B2B brand touchpoints audit from Upp B2B

We’re experienced in carrying out brand touchpoint audits for all sizes of business. We can work with you to create a framework which mirrors what you want to get out of the process and guide you to identify all of your brand touchpoints when these are not immediately obvious. Every business will be unique however there are some common touchpoints as we have highlighted in the diagram below.

Once you have a ‘helicopter view’ of your current brand’s performance, you can start to evolve or adapt this to bring it in line with your agreed brand strategy. We can help you create the content and assets you need to build your brand, or we can work with your in-house team to provide guidance and inspiration.


We’re also able to use our brand touchpoints audits to review your key competitors to identify any gaps in brand experience you can optimise to your advantage. And if you’d like to extend this brand touchpoints audit even further, we can take a look at your employer brand. We’ll assess the performance of your brand in attracting and retaining talent by analysing your own assets and content, as well as external sources like Glassdoor etc.


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