Brand identity creation

Successful b2b brands need a distinctive brand identity

A successful B2B brand identity is crucial for establishing and holding a strong and recognisable presence in your market. It represents the start of a story that you tell your audience about who you are, what you stand for and why people should do business with you.


Our brand identity development process enables businesses to build more inspirational, market-ready B2B brands that use the perfect combination of language and visuals to present an authentic face to the world. A brand identity that fosters trust and impact for your customers to consistently engage with across all your brand touch points.


This consistency is key. Knowing who you are as a brand enables you to be clear about what you want your B2B brand identity to say about you. Every interaction leaves an impression on B2B audiences in a matter of seconds, therefore there’s real value in making sure that every moment of b2b buyer interaction is working for you and not against you.


At Upp B2B, we understand what it takes to create a brand identity that connects with B2B audiences. Let us show you how your brand essence can transform your business’s position in market and deliver future brand equity to your business’s bottom line.

The B2B buying model often involves significant investments and long-term partnerships. A professional and trustworthy brand identity can be the difference between engagement and abandonment when a potential customer is first interacting with your company.

Brand Identity Bison
A tried and tested B2B brand identity process

Our process has been stress-tested with businesses ranging from world-leading brands to exciting new start-ups. By focusing on the big picture, as well as the tiny details that set your brand apart, we’ve been delivering compelling B2B brand identities for over 20 years.


We know details matter to you. They matter to us too. This is why we’ve spent many years refining a B2B brand identity development process that leaves nothing to chance. With Upp B2B you get a safe pair of hands and a specialist guide you can trust to deliver a much-needed brand refresh that reflects the business you are today. Or if you’re creating a new brand that needs to hit the market at pace, we’re ready to move quickly to build a B2B brand identity that sets you apart.


And once your brand is developed, we’ll craft practical and easy-to-use brand guidelines that enable your team to effectively use your B2B brand to drive growth, generate sales and deliver cross-channel consistency across brand touchpoints. From digital & social channels, print & signage and vehicle livery to office branding, internal and client documentation and marketing and sales collateral we will help you to create a brand identity your whole business will be proud to represent.

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Brand Strategy
Your brand strategy is a critical part of your business strategy. So when it comes to brand strategy, if you don’t have a plan as they say, then plan to fail, as you will likely get caught up in the trap of responding to market and competitor activity. A well thought out brand strategy based on meaningful insights and intelligence is the first step to building a market-leading brand. Let us partner you to map out the route to brand leadership.

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Brand Proposition & Messaging 
Your brand messaging needs to stay fresh to keep your business relevant in market. It’s amazing how many businesses aren’t tapping into the potential of powerful words to gain a brand advantage. Our job is to work with you to craft a strong messaging framework for all your  outward and internal facing communications that positions you as a leader in your market and customers minds. 

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Brand Touchpoint Audits 
Ensuring that your B2B brand is consistently presented across all your brand touchpoints and that your customers are exposed to a seamless experience is key to building a great brand impression. We offer a professional audit and independent review of your brand as it appears to the outside world and make recommendations for any realignment or improvements.

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